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MyPhoneDesktop : Extremely useful, though some UI is a tad clunky


must tap send to send the actual sms

  • About

    myPhoneDesktop transforms the way you move data from a Mac to an iPhone, simplifying the process along the way


    Stop emailing yourself notes and URL links! Stop fumbling with that tiny keyboard! Get myPhoneDesktop now and see What You've Been Missing. myPhoneDesktop provides the easiest way to work with iPhone, iPad or iPod directly from your desktop.

    Whether you need to make a phone call; send a long SMS; copy large amount of text; open a long and complicated to retype URL; or save an image to your iPhone - myPhoneDesktop streamlines your workflow.
    Press the ⌘+C+C and in second see your URL opens on your iPhone
    Have you ever tried to type a long SMS on your iPhone? How about entering a long URL where even a single mistake would render it unusable? What about typing a half page of notes?

    The shortest way to complete a task is usually the most comfortable way. See how easy it is to send content to your iPhone: Select a URL you need to open on your iPhone. Press the ⌘+C+C and in second see your URL opens on your iPhone. That’s it! myPhoneDesktop even smart enough to recognize type of copied data and perform appropriate action with it. Try to select a phone number, press ⌘+C+C and now your iPhone dials that number. Isn’t that easy?

    myPhoneDesktop highly praised by the Lifehacker, Gizmodo, TUAW, MacStories and many other websites as well as really appreciated by the users. Sounds interesting? Stop fumbling with that little touchscreen. Download myPhoneDesktop now and see what your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad can really do!
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  • Features
    • Hover (or tap) a phrase for our annotations:

    Handy global keyboard shortcuts (i.e. ⌘+C+C) and automatic content type recognition
    Universal application works with iPhone, iPad or iPod touch
    Works over 3G or WiFi (requires creation of a FREE account)
    Works with multiple accounts and devices
    Call any telephone number from any application or Web browser
    Initiate direct Calls and send SMS through Google Voice
    Auto-Complete and Quick Dial for Phone Numbers
    Open complicated URL with Map’s location or route on your iPhone in seconds
    Open URLs in alternative browsers - iCab Mobile, Atomic Web Browser, and Perfect Browser
    Import contacts form Apple's Address Book, Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird or from CSV files (Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail, etc)
    Simplify sending long SMS to your friend, colleague or a client
    Bring your notes or any amount of text with you in seconds
    Save Images or Photos to your iPhone from any application or Web browser
    Plug-ins for popular desktop applications like LaunchBar, Quicksilver, Apple Address Book and Google Chrome
    Integration with popular iPhone apps – Skype, Google Search and Map, Todo (by Appigo), Stanza, Instapaper, GV Connect, GoodReader and WolframAlpha
    Bookmarklet to send any content from any Webpage to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch
    Got an idea for new and innovative mobile app and looking for an experienced development team to implement it? Contact us with your idea:
  • Verdict
    • This app is fantastic; it works as described and sends data rapidly to my iPhone.
    • Due to Apple's limitations, you still need to press send on your iPhone to send a message.
    • Wonderful, responsive developer
    • Despite it being wonderfully useful, indispensable even, I’d like to see some improvements: A native Mac app, written in Cocoa. I’d like it to be more ‘Mac-like’. A better icon would help sales
    • I’d like to stress that I am nitpicking; mPD is an excellent app.
    • The bottom line: this is an extremely functional app, but at present, you may have to be a ‘nerd’ to understand how to use it.
  • Curated Feedback
    • Very, very useful.
      Worth it alone for the SMS ability, but there's a lot more. Love the fact the desktop client covers all platforms - Win, Linux, Mac plus a web client. Add contact syncing (as opposed to export/import) and it'll be 5 star (developer has confirmed that's in the pipeline).
      I previously used SE C905 with 'Fonelink" which I always found reliable. After switching to iPhone 4s I was disappointed that you could not dial or send text to numbers in Addrress Book or in emails etc. After a little research I found myPhoneDesktop and bought the app, after contacting their support for a little advice. This is the first app I have purchased that does not disappoint, it does it all and very smooth. Also support very prompt responses - thank you Highly recommended.


The Hit List - Beautifully crafted app, sync is PERFECT but comes w. an ongoing price


I have to admit, both the Mac app and the iOS are very pretty, and the overall user-experience is satisfying.

Duly note!
• One-off upfront costs: Cost of Mac desktop app (approx £35); Cost of iOS app (approx £7)
• Perpetual recurring cost for syncing - about £1.50 a month or £14 a year.

If you can comfortably afford this, buy it. However, if you're the frugal type, you won't like this. If you have a very low tolerance for frustration you will enjoy this app.
Just get Wunderlist which has both a free Mac desktop client AND a free iOS client.

To recap
★ You're paying for pretty - clean interface
★ The keyboard shortcuts on the desktop app work very well (as you'd expect)
★ Sync is always seamless, leading to less frustration and a good overall experience.
★ The ongoing data sync charges may be a bitter pill, for some, to swallow. Just on principle - many people _can_ afford a quid a month. (An analogy: text messaging is affordable, but the cost doesn't seem proportional)


TextExpander is an outsanding, indispensable tool.


I have been using TextExpander for years, really happy it's now on the App Store.

It is most definitely excellent value for money, given how frequently I use it and how much time it saves me. It's incredibly fast and stable in every application, it doesn't slow down the system in any way, as you might expect [if you come from the Windows world]

When you open TextExpander for the first time, I recommend you press the + in the bottom left, and 'Add Predefined Group' [of snippets], and click on 'accented words'. It only takes a few seconds to do! Stuff like this happens automatically:

cliche ---> cliché

naive ---> naïve

Also, I would get the HTML stuff [predifined snippet library, that someone else has kindly put together] . It helps you type out endless tedious code using a few shortcut keystrokes.

It is far more powerful than than you may initally think! I would encourage people search for the ScreenCastsOnline video on TextExpander; it shows everything you can do. I only had to watch it through once, I never referred to any help documents after that; the interface is intuitive. Read More...

Usher - 'Personal Movie Assistant' | Video Manager and Player


Important: The App Store version of Usher is pretty much on hiatus. Apple's App Store restrictions have become insane; it is really hindering development IMHO

We presently have seven apps in the App Store: Desktop Curtain, Key Codes, Keymo, Moom, Name Mangler, Time Sink, and Usher.

Of those seven apps, only two (Name Mangler and Desktop Curtain) may be sandboxable. The others all do things that aren’t allowed in a sandbox. Not only that, there aren’t even any entitlements to do what we need to do.

So the future of those five apps (a few of which have been featured by Apple on the front page of the store) in the App Store is zilch: we will be able to fix bugs, but not enhance them in any way.

We have a plan in place to migrate App Store users to the direct sales versions, because we feel those who purchased our apps are entitled to new features in addition to bug fixes.

What grates on us most about the whole sandboxing thing is that Apple is penalizing the very people who worked hard to play by the rules: those who have their apps already in the store. We had to use only public programming interfaces, we had to follow a defined set of rules about what was allowed, and we had to survive a review by Apple employees.

Now, suddenly, our apps are so dangerous that they must be (effectively) pulled from the store? Meanwhile, Apple’s apps aren’t sandboxed, but you can bet they’ll be allowed to make major updates.

Rob Griffiths

Many Tricks

Written on May 30, 2012

usher screenshot 1

Photosync - EXCELLENT


Firstly, note you have to pay for the iOS version (which works on both iPhones and iPad) which is £1.49 (at the time of writing)

It works flawlessly and supports Picasa (Google photos), Flickr and loads of other services.

[iOS App] [Mac App Store] [MU]

TVCatchUp -Stream live TV, free, on your iPhone & iPad


tv catchup website

Web Only Version
  • Works at treat, over 3G and WiFi
  • Click on the photo above to go to the special URL
  • You do need to register first, but you can just use a throwaway Hotmail account

View  tv catch up. in iTunes

Note: there is an iPhone App in the App Store. However, it appears to be:

  • Just a wrapper for the web app
  • Unauthorised, 3rd party made, with additional advertising
  • In addition, it carries extra advertising (minor annoyance)
  • Picture quality is much lower than 4OD and iPlayer, but I suppose it's better than nothing.


Gemini: The Duplicate Finder


gemini - the duplicate finder

Screenshot Journal

screenshot journal iphone screenshot

Due App for iPhone - ADHD People Will Love This!


  • About
  • Key Quotes
    Due: A simple, beautiful, wonderful reminder app for iOS devices
  • Screenshots
    Due App for IOS, screenshot

    A really useful single-purpose app. Spend less time fiddling with reminders. Put this on your Homescreen.

    • Far quicker and easier to use than the calendar, for the purposes of setting a reminder
    • Rich Options for snoozing and reusing your reminders.
    Due App for IOS, screenshot

    A really useful single-purpose app. Spend less time fiddling with reminders. Put this on your Homescreen.

    • Far quicker and easier to use than the calendar, for the purposes of setting a reminder
    • Rich Options for snoozing and reusing your reminders.
  • Verdict

    A really useful single-purpose app. Spend less time fiddling with reminders. Put this on your Homescreen.

    • Far quicker and easier to use than the calendar, for the purposes of setting a reminder
    • Rich Options for snoozing and reusing your reminders.
    5 stars from
  • Links

Name Mangler - neat batch file renamer



At first, I found Name Mangler annoying, as I didn’t _immediately_ know how to do everything, and there _appeared_ to be extraneous bells and whistles. (My initial thought was ‘WTF are droplets?’) I have become accustomed to using the freeware Renamer4Mac (which is no longer in development) for something like four years. I can be a creature of habit - resistant to change.

Stacks Image 822
Stacks Image 823
Stacks Image 824
Stacks Image 1312
  • You can perform many tasks using just the keyboard - great for workflow
    • ⌘P
      1. Select the files you want to change in the Finder
      2. Launch the app
      3. Hit P to Populate Window with current finder selection
    • ⌘R
      Just hit this when you're ready to rename
  • The most recent update has added a splash screen, which includes a short video tutorial explaining _how_ to do stuff. (I clicked on the link to watch the full HD version).

The interface is clean & intuitive. It can do everything that Renamer4Mac can do, and more.

I’m too impatient/lazy to read through instructions. I would much rather things were explained through the use of video tutorials. I was pleasantly surprised when I launched Name Manger after a recent update. There is a new splash screen with a screencast. I clicked on the link to watch the full HD screencast.

After watching this 15 min video presentation, I understood how to use Droplets.

Aurora - The Perfect Way To Be Eased Into Sleep & Be Gradually Woken Up


Aurora has saved my bacon, on several occasions; I'm really happy with it. It's a very high quality application, definitely worth the money. It integrates seamlessly with the OS, is very light on system resources and has worked flawlessly, EVERY single time.

Wake up to banging hard dance, or whatever takes your fancy!

The UI is beautiful and polished.

TomTom Western Europe ★★★★


Good, but also slightly annoying

In contrast to standalone sat-nav units, there are no physical buttons or dials to control it. You cannot zoom in or out of the map while driving, without taking your eyes off the road. (Very dangerous!) The iPhone (and iPad) is just a single flat surface. So, you have to set it up whilst you're safely pulled over.

My initial impression was the the UI feels rather clunky. Apple strictly prohibits developers from using hardware buttons on the iPhone to enhance functionality. (Camera+ was banned for using the volume up bottom to take photos, Apple later stole this feature).

Nevertheless, the app developers have done a decent job despite these restrictions; the menus are easy enough to navigate thanks to the large, chunky menu text.

Pinching gestures do not work. I continually find myself touching areas of the map (such as POI), which off course invokes the menu. In the future, it would be great to see Siri integration, if Apple will ever allow it. I am hopeful though, TomTom is continually innovating. The app is now Universal so it works on iPads, too.

TomTom is head and shoulders above the competition. It is far more polished than Garmin, Sygic and Navmii.
If, at the end of your journey, you can still see the compass logo in the top right, it is using Location Services, and draining the battery. You may need to quit the app via the multitasking bar.

For daily use, I would get a dedicated unit. For occasional journeys, TomTom for iOS works very well.

Car Kit for iPhone & iPod Touch

Without the TomTom Car Kit for iPhone, which costs £80:
  • the GPS reception may not be reliable enough, in some areas.
  • the battery drains quickly, especially in iOS 5.
It would be interesting to see a TomTom Car Kit for iPad, at some point in the future.
Pinching gestures do not work. I continually find myself touching areas of the map (such as POI), which off course invokes the menu.
Stacks Image 447
Stacks Image 448
Stacks Image 449
Stacks Image 450
Stacks Image 451

SuperDuper - 'Heroic System Recovery for Mere Mortals'


Indeed! This is absolutely spot-on. Night or day, I seem to get a response within minutes. I wonder if this guy ever sleeps, or does anything else. I really think he's brilliant, and absolutely worth supporting.
Dave's [the developer's] support is top notch: brisk, to the point, friendly.
This is a key point. Imagine a sudden hard drive failure. Time-Machine doesn't cut it. If you want to be working again within 5 minutes, get a tool like SuperDuper! or CarbonCopyCloner. Your hard drive WILL fail, at some point. Mark my words. Just pay £18 and you can sleep easy tonight.
The best part is having a BOOTABLE backup, If your internal hard drive fails, you can resume work booted from your SuperDuper backup drive
The UI (User Interface) is why I prefer SuperDuper! to to Carbon Copy Cloner. I guess it's down to personal preference - try both if you have time.
Simply awesome. I have been using SuperDuper! for years now, and love it! It has an intuitive interface (I love how it states exactly what it intends to do before you click "copy now") and it works beautifully.
If you don't use Carbon Copy Cloner or SuperDuper! you're an idiot! I find SuperDuper! indispensable; it's easy to use, and most importantly, works exactly as advertised. Back-ups and restorations are reliable and trouble-free.

BusyCal - What iCal Should Have Been

Busy Cal icon
BusyCal Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3
Screenshot 4


★★★★ Price/Value
★★★★★ Stability
  • Excellent integration with Google Calendar. Syncing is always fast and smooth. The code base seems very stable - I have never seen a hiccup. When I’m away from my home computer, I can make changes to my Google Calendar, via a web browser. When I get back home, everything is on my desktop calendar, exactly where it should be.
  • When using iCal, things seem to require more clicks than necessary. In BusyCal, the info panel is what the geeks call “non-modal”. What this means: when you add/edit an event in BusyCal, you don't need to open a separate window/double click on an event, as you do in iCal.
  • My understanding is that it uses the same “filing cabinet” as iCal, so if you create something in BusyCal, it will still appear in iCal (and vica versa).
  • If you want to, you can sync sub-calendars with your close friends/family. There is a lot of granular control - there are more settings than you can shake a stick at.
  • It’s very, very pretty. You have so much flexibility, in terms of colour coding.
  • Printing to paper (i.e. dead trees) is not great, but who still does that?
  • After sales support is excellent, too.

What It Says ‘On The Tin'

BusyCal is a desktop calendar that allows families and small workgroups to easily and cost-effectively sync calendars with MobileMe, Google, the iPhone, and with other Macs on a local area network. BusyCal is compatible with other applications, devices and services that support CalDAV or Sync Services, including iCal, iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, MobileMe Calendar, Google Calendar, Snow Leopard iCal Server, and more. And it's compatible with BusySync, so you can share calendars with both BusyCal and BusySync users on your network.

Sync with Google Calendar — Sync with Google Calendar for online access and wireless syncing with other computers and devices.
This is what BusyCal EXCELS at. GCal integration is prefect.
Sync over a LAN via Bonjour — Sync calendars with other BusyCal and BusySync users on your local area network.
Sync over a WAN via TCP/IP — Sync calendars with other BusyCal and BusySync users over the internet.
Sync with the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch — Sync calendars with the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch via MobileMe, Google, or iTunes.
★ Google calendar is the hub, for me. I use PocketInformant on my iPhone to sync with Google Calendar
Multi-user editing — Multiple users can share and edit calendars with full read-write access. Changes are synced instantly.
Security — Calendars can be password protected as read-write or read-only, and encrypted with SSL.
Recurring ToDos — Create repeating ToDos that display in the calendar view and carry-forward until completed.
I use OmniFocus, so I guess it’s nice that it’s there.
Info Panel — Enter and view event details in a non-modal floating window or an embedded info pane.
iCal is extremely irritating to use.  really messed up with iCal in Snow Leopard (10.6), IMHO
List View — Customizable list view lets you filter and sort events by date, event type, calendar, and more.

Graphics — Add graphics to events or days with control over the position, size and opacity.
Rich Text — Stylize the events in your calendar with customizable fonts, sizes, styles and colors.
★ Very useful for dyslexic and ADHD people
Sticky Notes — Add virtual sticky notes to your calendar, and share/sync them with others on your network!

Features that I, personally, do not care for:

Sync with MobileMe — Sync with the new MobileMe Calendar for online access and wireless syncing with other computers and devices.
I do not use MobileMe!

Live Weather — View live weather forecasts, sunrise/sunset times, and moon phases right in your calendar.
This can be a bit irritating, because when you try to add an ‘all-day’ event, it sometimes launches Also, you can just subscribe to a weather feed.

These are Google Calendar feeds that I subscribe to i.e. BusyCal not necessary Twitter Page of BusyMac
Mac Update page for BusyCal. MacUpdate is the most complete resource to find and download free software for Apple Mac OS X , iPhone, and iPad. App Store page for busycal. MacLife -  Editors Choice - BusyCal. “

DropPhox (DropFox) - Photos Straight To Your Dropbox [Cloud Storage]



This a much faster way to add photos to a folder; you don’t have to wait for one photo to upload, before you snap the next pic (as you do in the Dropbox iOS app)
  • It’s annoying that you can’t delete/remove items from the upload queue
  • There is no background uploading!


iPhone Screenshot 1
iPhone Screenshot 2
iPhone Screenshot 3
iPhone Screenshot 4
iPhone Screenshot 5

Standing ovation for Skala Preview (£3 for Mac Client), iPad Client is free


  • This is super-crazy-awesome-fantastic
  • It’s indispensable on my iPad 2, never mind the new iPad (3rd generation)
  • It really provides lossless, colour accurate image previews to any iOS device, and it’s fast.

Skala Preview is the fastest way to send pixel perfect, colour perfect design previews from your Mac to your iPhone or iPad.

Previewing your design in situ lets you test tap sizes, text sizes, colour, contrast and ergonomics, all at a time where changes can be easily made — during the design process. It closes the loop, meaning you can iterate faster to a better final design.

Please note: This app requires the free Skala View iOS app.

Pixel Perfect
Skala Preview sends lossless, colour accurate image previews to any iOS device. Previews are pixel perfect. Colours are identical to how the final app or website will look on the device.

Twitterrific for Twitter - extremely beautiful client for the Mac


Twitterrific is the friendly Twitter client that’s beautiful to look at and incredibly intuitive for new users, yet peppered with deep features for advanced tweeters. Effortlessly read and compose tweets, view multiple accounts, search, filter message types and much more. If you’re already familiar with the award-winning Twitterrific for iPhone or iPad, then you’ll be right at home on the Mac.

Twitterific doesn’t have every feature under the sun, such as proper list editing (adding and removing people from lists).

  • But, it’s just so easy on the eye.
  • Tweet Marker syncing is very good. You can use Tweetbot on your iOS devices, whilst you’re out and about.

It’s worth three quid. It doesn't get into the way while I use it, it looks pleasant and disappears once I'm done tweeting.

What it doesn’t have (if I was nitpicking)
  • Robust keyboard control - this could be improved.



1Password for iPad ★★★★ A special edition of 1Password *just* for iPad.


I have used 1password on my other Apple devices and love it. I was disappointed that the iPad version requires use of a different browser than Safari. That should be made clear in the description. While I like the app, I would prefer the behavior of Safari integration as with the Mac version

- Kevin Walter, iTunes Review

AgileBits are doing the best they can. Applications are ‘sandboxed’ meaning they CANNOT interact with other applications, like web browsers. This is the ONLY way to do it, given Apple’s limitations.

1Password has been the most useful app for setting up my iPad, since half my apps need me to enter a password before they'll do anything.
The genius of 1Password never sank in for me until I began using its iPad version today
Shawn Blanc, designer

iPhone Apps for Dyslexic People: Prizmo for iPhone




This was first recommended by Dave Hamilton & John F Braun.



  • Sales Pitch
    Browser-based interfaces are slow, clumsy, and require you to be connected to the internet just to use them. Browsers are perfect for reading web content, but not so great for creating it. If you're serious about your blog, you need a desktop blog editor. If you're lucky enough to have a Mac, nothing is more powerful or more elegant than MarsEdit
  • Editorial
    MarsEdit is a well established, solid software.
    Nearly every word I write for Daring Fireball is published through MarsEdit.

  • User Quotes
    Neat, elegant, concise, robust and pretty much complete
MarsEdit is the #1 desktop blog editor for the Mac.
The best way to write, preview, and publish your blog.

Compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 and 10.7 "Lion".

Works with WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Squarespace, TypePad, Movable Type and dozens more through standard MetaWeblog and AtomPub interfaces.

Browser-based interfaces are slow, clumsy, and require you to be connected to the internet just to use them. Browsers are perfect for reading web content, but not so great for creating it.

If you're serious about your blog, you need a desktop blog editor. If you're lucky enough to have a Mac, nothing is more powerful or more elegant than MarsEdit.

Coming to the Mac from Windows? MarsEdit is similar to Live Writer, the popular Windows blog editor.

Flickery - Gorgeous, Functional & Elegant Desktop Client for Flickr


You only have to do this once.


Singlemizer | BY FAR the best file duplicate finder on the Mac


Someone give this developer an award! He has found the “secret sauce” to make this work effectively. I have used to to remove thousands of duplicate JPEGs, just today. There have been zero false positives. The interface is attractive and it is easy to use.

I asked the developer how it works.

  • Singlemizer compares files by content exclusively via computing hash strings. We use SHA-1 as digest algorithm which makes false positives practically impossible. We don't rely on filenames, creating dates and so on because it could lead to catastrophic consequences.

Translation into non-geek speak: it uses magic to find duplicate files. Other software, in comparison, is very primitive. Read More...

iA Writer - Just an author and his words. Nothing else.


This is a great tool for writing. The design is quite simple without any distractions. I really like the typography, lack of preferences, and simple functionality that this applications takes. When paired together with the iPad app and the new iCloud support, it works seamlessly. The interface is smooth and pleasurable. It's not everyone, but I like it.

Sceptics may scream that 'a lack of a prefs pane is NOT a feature' (!) Well, people like that can stick to TextEdit.

The beautiful display font used is called NItti OT. It is extremely expensive to license, rightly or wrongly. (So when you buy this app, I guess you are helping with the fees the develop pays to use it in the app).

The writing environment is really pretty. The blue vertical cursor against the faintly textured background is perfect.

Things to watch out for

• The spellcheck is off by default. To turn it on, go to EDIT --> SPELLING AND GRAMMAR --> CHECK SPELLING WHILE TYPING)
• A lot of autocorrect goodness is baked right into Lion, so common typos are helpfully corrected.
• iA writer saves files in a *.markdown format. Whilst I know what this is, MANY people do not! MOST people are not tech savvy

DropCopy - Shares Files and Clipboards, Between Multiple Macs

blogEntryThumbnail

Witch (App) For Mac -It's All About Keeping Your Hands On The Keyboard


Update: I have pretty much stopped using Witch since installing Lion. I prefer using multi finger gestures on the Magic Trackpad

Replacement for the built-in ⌘-Tab app switcher.

The best feature is the most simple one; it shows not just the apps but each app's open windows.

  • A very simple method of switching between windows. (Far more efficient that the built-in ⌘-tab)
  • Suppose you have ten Word documents open. The best way to navigate through them is to use ⌥-tab

As Described
  • “If you're coming to the Mac from Windows, you'll find Witch a natural-feeling replacement for Windows' ability to switch directly to windows.” - agree